Surveillance Investigations

General Surveillance Services:

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance can involve watching people, places or objects. The art of surveillance is in observing activities, contact, and whereabouts of the specific subject of an investigation. Investigators document their observations and report them to clients. The purpose of surveillance is to identify any information that is relevant to an investigation in order to confirm or—equally importantly—debunk any suspicious behavior or factors pertaining to the situation in question.

Why is Surveillance Necessary?

Surveillance can be of use to prevent crime as is it can to solve one. We use it for a range of different reasons, such as obtaining evidence relating to a crime, gathering information to assist with future actions in an investigation, or to be used in an interrogation or at a later date in court. Surveillance is used to document the whereabouts of individuals or of specific items, as well as to observe a person’s activities, behavior, and routines, etc. Surveillance is often essential in uncovering evidence of wrongdoing in cases pertaining to civil suits, such as divorce cases, but can also be integral to any number of cases dealing with criminal activity. The reason surveillance is so important in many investigations is because it can provide concrete evidence in the form of video footage and photos, which can be used to prove or disprove a client’s suspicions, and also introduce important evidence in court.

When Do We Use Surveillance?

There is a number of investigations that benefit from or require surveillance. These include:

• Missing-person investigations
• Worker-compensation investigations
• Cheating-spouse investigations
• Vandalism cases
• Cases of recurrent theft

The form of surveillance used can differ greatly and depends on a number of important factors in the individual case.

How Can Our Surveillance Help You?

Bond private investigators are equipped with the knowledge to make the right decision about the best form of surveillance to use, based on your individual needs. Some investigations may require human surveillance while others might be better suited to mechanical/electronic surveillance. It could be overt—which means that the subject of the surveillance has been given adequate notice of the situation and is aware that he or she is being observed, such as in a place of work—or covert (undercover). The final decision will depend on a good understanding of the case in question and the desired results from carrying out the surveillance.

We have years of experience at Bond Investigations of conducting surveillance investigations in Arizona, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas. We provide high-quality photos and videos of all material gleaned from surveillance operations, which we present to the client in a clear and understandable manner. We usually share the information by email, but clients can specify a preference as to how they would prefer to receive evidence relating to their personal investigation. We can also provide expert presentations of evidence for trials and court cases when required.

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