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Skip Tracing- Arizona

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing investigations in Arizona are a particular specialty of ours at Bond Investigations. We have successfully located numerous key witnesses throughout the US for our clients, and have worked on hundreds of cases alongside state and federal judicial authorities, lawyers, and debt-recovery agencies. Witness location can be the cause of great headaches in legal cases and result in untold delays in the courts. We have a high success rate in finding individuals who would otherwise be extremely difficult to track down. We can put this down to the efforts of our expert investigators and their tried and tested investigative methods.

What Does Skip Tracing Involve?

To find a missing person in Arizona, or indeed to conduct a nationwide search for someone, you need more than basic database searches and investigation of social media, although those are both important factors, to begin with. Alongside our access to state-wide consumer and federal government databases, which provide a heap of information unavailable in the public domain, we use surveillance techniques and “in the field” methods to help locate those who appear to have gone off the trail. Our team of professional investigators gathers all available information about the subject in question, before conducting a thorough analysis to aid in the search.

People often use alibis to avoid any form of legal wrangling, or skip state and attempt to conceal their identity through a change of name. Our investigations don’t stop at the state border, so you can count on our assistance to find your missing person, whether it’s somebody who is crucial to an investigation or legal trial, or simply a long lost friend or relative that you need to contact.

Why Choose Us?

All of our detectives who handle skip tracing investigations in Arizona attend regular seminars to keep up to date with the latest techniques and sources of information available to conduct thorough and successful searches of missing or “hard to find” individuals. All information gathered by our team in their investigations is scrutinized for accuracy, with addresses and contacts important to the case thoroughly cross-checked and verified. Our success rate speaks for itself, and it’s one we’re incredibly proud of sharing.

Fast and Efficient Witness Location

Our experience over the years, coupled with our extensive access to important search databases means we can locate missing persons in a fast and effective manner. At Bond Investigations, we have learned the tricks of the trade to make light work of the obstacles that others skip tracing agencies struggle to overcome.

Our team of professionals is available to take your call on (602) 559 9620. Or why not explain your predicament in person by visiting us in our Arizona office, which is located at 2600 North Central Ave #170? Allow our licensed detectives to take the guesswork out of your missing-person search.