Locate Investigations

Locate Investigations, Arizona

Locate Investigations

Locating a lost or missing person can be a simple task or may involve a more thorough investigation, depending on the circumstances that surround the individual you are searching for. We offer two types of locate investigations in Arizona. One is a basic locate investigation, and the other is an open investigation, which we charge for on an hourly basis.

I Want a Basic Locate Investigation

Basic Locate Investigations in Arizona are used when a person is not actively trying to avoid being found. This service is useful for people who you may have simply lost track of, such as friends or relatives who may also have disappeared from “the system” in some way. It can also help you to track down individuals who owe you money in the form of child-support payments, etc. but who are not in hiding as such. The investigative process involves finding the address and any available contact phone number for the missing person.

I Need a More Thorough Investigation

To locate a person in Arizona who is actively trying to hide their whereabouts requires more than a basic search of the Internet or public databases. A missing person who is trying to avoid brushes with the law, running from debt collectors, or involved in criminal activities relating to theft or drugs, for example, is likely to dedicate a lot of time and effort to cover his or her tracks. In cases such as these, we advise our clients to supply us with as much information as possible prior to starting our investigations. This will give our investigators a much better chance of locating your missing person in the shortest time possible and will save you money in the long run for complicated cases that require more groundwork to reach a successful conclusion. Unfortunately, as all cases are different, along with the circumstances which cause individuals to “disappear”, there is no set time limit to conclude an investigation of this sort.

A Trustworthy Team of Professionals

At Bond Investigations, we can guarantee you complete honesty and openness with regard to all locate investigations in Arizona that we take on. Our reputation is based on client satisfaction, which is why we insist on as much information at the start of a case as you are able to give us. It will help us to carry out an effective investigation, and it will help your pocket for cases that are not as straightforward as we would all like.

There are certain criteria that can help us locate an individual and have an impact on how we approach a case. For example, for child-custody or locate-employment investigations, consider if:

• the individual is drawing a paycheck from a normal job
• owns their own business
• works “off the record”
• works for a relative

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