Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigations – Arizona?

Insurance Investigations

At Bond Investigations, we have 25 years’ experience in investigating insurance claims, diligently providing services which include casualty surveillance, background checks, and activity checks on claimants. Our insurance investigations Arizona team provides invaluable information to defense attorneys and claim adjusters all across the US, which allows them to make informed decisions on all types of insurance claims.

Services to Back Up Responsible Claim Decisions

We will assign you a personal insurance fraud investigator, who will carry out a detailed investigation into the following areas:

•Medical insurance fraud
•Mortgage fraud
• Personal injury cases
• Staged auto accidents
• Sexual harassment claims
• Forgery and falsification of documents
• Employee theft
• Slip and fall accidents
• Commercial property fraud
• Homeowner policy fraud
• Senior settlement fraud

Our investigations are all thoroughly documented and presented clearly to the client, and your personal contact at Bond Investigations is always available to talk you through anything that may need clarification. If we take on a case, it means we’re confident that we can get you results. Whether you’re investigating a claimant or need help to verify details relating to a personal claim, we’ll save you any embarrassment with third parties by backing your corner 100% of the way.

Preserving Respect and Dignity

Our investigators are trained to recognize the different tricks people use when filing false insurance claims. They do everything in their power to protect the client from fraudulent claims while following a strict code of ethics that ensures the individual under investigation is treated with respect. We understand the individual rights of all parties in an investigation and do our utmost to make sure that the dignity of everyone involved remains intact. Our insurance investigations in Arizona are all assigned to professionals with years of experience in their field, and all make strong, reliable witnesses on the stand whenever their presence is required in court as part of a case.

Casualty Surveillance Services in Arizona

As part of our insurance investigations in Arizona, we offer casualty surveillance services and support in the following areas:
1.Bodily injury claims
2. Workers’ compensation claims
3. Disability claims
4. Public liability
5. Litigation support
6. Subrogation

Our investigative checks can provide information that is vital in uncovering fraudulent claims, whether they relate to staged auto accidents or claims for compensation in the workplace. We can tell you who has a record of previous workers’ compensation claims and conduct background checks to ascertain social, employment, and recreational activities related to the individuals under investigation.

Need help to investigate an insurance claim?

You can call us on (602) 559 9620, or provide details by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. Our team of professional investigators is available now to answer any of your questions.  Feel free to pay us a visit and tell us what we can do to help in person.