Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder Abuse Investigations, Arizona

elder abuse investigations

Elder abuse means the mistreatment of an elderly person by someone known to the individual. Mistreatment can pertain to physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect. It is common for family members or close friends to be a central theme in cases of abuse toward senior citizens, which can make investigating allegations a tricky process. However, our elder abuse investigations Arizona team has a proven track record of dealing with difficult investigative situations to ultimately obtain successful results for our clients.

Why Do You Need Our Help?

Unfortunately, elder abuse is an area that is commonly overlooked or disregarded. This can be blamed on a general lack of knowledge about elder abuse by law-enforcement agencies, doctors, medical examiners, and coroners. In particular, the investigation into elder death is one area in which many investigators have limited experience. As a result, there are very scant guidelines in place regarding investigation procedures and forensics following the death of an elderly person. Added to that is the fact that even many professionals have difficulty in determining the difference between bruising and other injuries caused by natural aging and those which are a result of abuse.

How We Can Make a Difference?

Our team of investigators is experienced in conducting reliable and thorough background investigations to glean solid evidence relating to cases of elder abuse. Civil background checks can find information about previous lawsuits filed against individuals who you suspect of abuse, which may disclose evidence of pre-existing injuries. Our background investigations shed light on any history of criminal activities, suspect business dealings, bankruptcy or financial abuse that may serve as strong evidence to support your case.

Obtaining Truthful Testimonies

Witnesses who take the stand in a court of law are sometimes likely to withhold information or provide false testimonies in order to protect themselves. Through the background investigations described above, we can help you ascertain or discredit witness testimonies during a trial.

It is important to remember that elder abuse can occur across all social backgrounds, from lower-class households that are prone to financial difficulties through to some of the wealthiest households. The appearance of witnesses, or a well-rehearsed testimony, can affect the judgment of people involved in the decision-making during a trial. A comprehensive background investigation could make all the difference in court, with hard evidence to back up your allegations.

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