Criminal Defense Investigations

Criminal Defense Investigations, Arizona:

Criminal Defense Investigations

The prime purpose of Bond Investigations has always been to aggressively fight for the truth on behalf of our clients. We believe that everyone, regardless of background or personal circumstances, has the right to a fair trial that focuses on the facts to increase the chances of a favorable outcome. You may be facing criminal charges or simply want admissible evidence relating to theft or assault. Through criminal defense investigation in Arizona, we will collect vital information to strengthen your defense attorney’s case when he or she presents it to the court.

Professional and Thorough Investigation

Our team of professionals will carry out an extensive investigation on your behalf to procure the evidence you need for your trial. Our investigators leave nothing to chance and work together with your defense attorney to pass on important new information whenever it arrives during the investigation process. Our aim is to build a solid case in your defense through the following means:

• Review of police reports
• Review of medical examinations
• Review of original complaints
• Examination of accusatory evidence
• Questioning of viable witnesses
• Liaison with defense attorneys

Criminal Defense Investigation Arizona will provide you with detailed reports on all inquiries and findings made throughout the investigation. Our agents will back up their reports with photos, videos, sound recordings, and/or verified statements wherever appropriate. We have bilingual assistants to help you with questioning and to assist you with translation issues to assure you fully understand all the information pertaining to your case and feel at ease during legal proceedings.

Building a Close Relationship with Our Clients

It is important to maintain close relationships with our clients and other legal representatives who are fighting your corner to obtain the truth. We only work alongside reputed law firms in Arizona, with lawyers who are at the top of their game available to get you the best possible results. Some of the nationally recognized law firms we work with have been given “Super Lawyer” status, and have received an RV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the information-services company founded in 1868 for the purpose of furnishing those in need of business or legal correspondents with reliable contacts in law, banking, and many other professional areas. We have also successfully worked with local and federal law-enforcement agencies, and have received recommendations from the US General Attorney.

We maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the case and keep them updated with the progress of the investigation from start to finish. Our investigators are always willing to answer any questions you may have relating to your case.

Call Now and Get the Justice You Deserve

Regardless of the crime, you have been accused of, Criminal Defense Investigation Arizona will treat you with the utmost respect and adhere to all rules of client confidentiality. You can speak freely to us (602) 559 9620, or visit us in person at our office in Arizona