Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody is a complicated business especially when couples go separate ways. Add the well-being of a child into the equation, and the strain it causes reaches a new level. There are so many factors that can be relevant in matters of child custody, and they aren’t always taken into account by the judicial system that handles the case. Lack of manpower and resources sometimes makes it difficult for authorities to investigate certain contributing factors in a child custody investigation in Arizona which could sway the result in favor of a completely different outcome. That’s where Child Custody Investigations in Arizona can help.

Prioritizing Your Child’s Welfare

At Bond Investigations, we understand that the welfare of your child is paramount. Our team of investigators will dedicate the time and effort your case deserves in order to benefit you and your children, in a way that is sometimes impossible when going directly through an overloaded judicial system. We will carefully consider all the information you provide us and walk you through the best course of action to reach a satisfying conclusion. Our investigations focus on the well-being of those involved. As well as years of experience in conducting child custody investigations in Arizona, our team will always conduct its investigations in a professional manner that avoids unnecessary disturbance or invasion of privacy for you and your child.

Trusted Child Custody Investigation in Arizona

Each child custody case is different, so we tailor our services to get the required result in the most efficient way possible. We can trace a parent and child’s location for you, or gather the necessary information for you to receive unpaid child-maintenance fees. Our job is to uncover the facts so that the legal system can take action and recover your child’s money. Aside from finding a parent’s location, we offer investigations into:

• The name and address of a parent’s current place of employment
• Assets held by a parent that may affect child-support payments
• Information that may prove a person unfit to care for your child

Get Fast and Satisfactory Results

Child Custody Investigations in Arizona knows the judicial system inside out when it comes to matters of child support. Depending on the case in question, it may be sufficient to provide details of a parent’s employer to the court. In other cases, it may be necessary to prove in court that the other parent is purposefully trying to keep his or her income a secret from you. Retrieving the necessary information can be a complex process, but it’s what we do best.

Whether your needs relate to the payment of child support or parenting issues of any other nature, we’re available to take your call on (602) 559 9620. If you’d prefer to discuss details of your case in a confidential one-on-one consultation, visit our office in Arizona.