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Business Investigations

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Business (or Corporate) investigation means conducting a comprehensive examination of all business operations pertaining to a specific company. This type of investigation is vital for anyone who wishes to know whether a prospective business partner is legitimate, or if an intended business merger is a right way to go. If conducted properly, business investigations can easily uncover cases of fraud, embezzlement, and intellectual-property violation.

How Can Business Investigations Arizona Help Me?

Whether you head up a large company or run a small business, the investigation into another business could prove crucial in determining the future success of your company. A personally assigned Arizona business investigator will carry out background checks on employees and companies to assure you they are trustworthy. Due diligence investigations uncover vital information to protect you and your business from unnecessary tangles with the law. Our corporate monitoring operations consist of Internet monitoring, media monitoring, brand monitoring, and compliance audits, all of which serve to keep you away from unwelcome lawsuits.

We conduct intellectual-property investigations and monitor the activities of other companies to make sure they aren’t taking advantage of your business. We can also keep tabs on activities within your organization and identify any instances of wrongdoing that might give cause to future catastrophe. Business Investigations Arizona will give you the necessary tools to keep total control over your business dealings, allowing you to make fast and efficient decisions at crucial moments and ensure the ongoing success of your business.

Why Do I Need a Private Investigator?

A common belief these days is that we can find anything we need to know on the Internet. While it’s true that there is a wealth of information available online, that doesn’t guarantee complete transparency of a company’s business involvements. Many large corporations operate within complex structures that include countless departments, subsidiaries, and overseas offices. Not all information is made available to the public domain, especially if it pertains to fraudulent or other criminal activity.

Small businesses, too, often hire PR companies that carefully monitor what information the public has access to. An experienced investigator can uncover hidden information and data relating to a company that would be impossible to obtain via public records. Additionally, knowledge of corporate law ensures that our private investigators can gather evidence in a way that is completely legal and, therefore, admissible in court.

Our Specialized Services

The business investigations Arizona team can tailor its services to the specific needs of your company. The first step in any successful investigation is for you to give us as much information as you can regarding your particular needs. Armed with that information, our private investigator can advise you on the best way to proceed by pinpointing specific services to best suit your case. Examples of services that could benefit you are:

  • Financial investigation
  • Due diligence
  • Computer forensics
  • Security-penetration checks
  • Counter-measure sweeps
  • Integrity testing
  • Surveillance

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