Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Comprehensive background investigations in Arizona play an important role in protecting members of the business community in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, from corporate companies to small business, attorneys, landlords, and private individuals. With access to a large number of criminal and financial databases, we can easily uncover the truth about an individual’s history, providing confidence to employers that they are hiring the right person for the job, without fear of financial loss or damaged reputation.

Reliable Background Investigations

An Arizona background investigator can conduct checks on the following criteria:
• Workplace background investigations
• Criminal records
• Personal references
• Litigation background references
• Education verification
• Employment references
• Driving records (DMV)
• Identity verification
• Military records
• Financial background
• Professional license verification

The Truth at Our Fingertips

Our workplace background investigations ensure that employers’ interests are protected, as well as those of their clients. In addition to providing security against fraudulent transactions, a comprehensive background check on a prospective employee also serves to protect members of the workplace, keeping them free from the risk of harassment or other forms of criminal activity, and creating a safe working environment. Our investigators can go one better than the average list of personal references that applicants supply in their resumes, through carefully structured questions that can reveal gaps in employment history or falsification of academic achievements.

Our background investigations will highlight any patterns from individuals likely to attempt to file bogus lawsuits for their own financial gain. Through employment reference checks, we can reliably verify details pertaining to an applicant’s work history and academic qualifications, so employees can rest assured that they are employing the right person for a particular job role. We also have access to government databases that allow us to conduct professional license verification investigations to check for any disciplinary actions, suspension or revocation of the license relating to an individual.

Some occupations require specific skill sets, such as driving or operating heavy machinery. A background check on an applicant’s driving record could greatly reduce the risk to an employer and other employees of accidents in the workplace or on the roads. Military background investigation is another area often overlooked by employees. If military records are relevant to a specific role, we can provide important information about the military history of an individual, including any discharge status that an applicant has failed to disclose.

Financial background investigations are a great way to know an applicant’s potential to fill a certain role, and we can assist you by conducting checks on a number of levels, including investigation of credit scores and bankruptcy records. With our identity verification checks, you know for sure who you are employing, and with identity theft on the rise in the US, that’s one more reason to trust in our background investigations Arizona team to give you peace of mind.

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