Alimony Investigations

Alimony Investigations – Arizona?

Alimony Investigations

Alimony is a regular amount of money, agreed by a court, that a person must pay to a spouse or former spouse upon legal separation or divorce, or while a related action is pending. On occasion, alimony payments are indefinite. However, alimony can be significantly reduced—and sometimes even eliminated completely—due to changes in circumstances.

Where Do My Alimony Payments Go?

Your alimony payments are supposed to help toward essentials such as food, rent, utility bills, or clothing. If your ex-partner is cohabiting with a new partner, this constitutes an important change in living conditions that affect you having to pay alimony. It is actually illegal for alimony payments to support co-habitation between your ex and a new partner. Even if your ex-partner is residing with someone new but both have separate residencies, it is still possible for you to petition for a reduction in your alimony payments or, in some cases, eliminate payments altogether. However, without proof, the court is unable to do a thing.

What Other Factors Decide My Alimony Payments?

In Arizona, statute A.R.S. §25-319 requires the court to determine if a spouse is in need of spousal maintenance, or alimony. If it is ascertained that an individual is required to pay alimony, the court will decide on the amount to be paid and the duration of the maintenance payments. There are a number of factors important to the court’s decision, including:

• Duration of the relationship
• Time spent by the couple in each other’s company
• Nature of routine activities
• Interrelation if personal affairs
• Whether they vacation together
• Whether they spend public holidays together

It is important to remember that, in Arizona, alimony payments can be awarded to legally separated couples as well as those who are divorced.

How Can Alimony Investigations Arizona Help Me?

While the court may be responsible for ascertaining if alimony is necessary, and also for reducing or eliminating those payments if circumstances change, it is not the court’s job to investigate changes of circumstance that might affect your maintenance payments. The best way to petition for a reduction in alimony payments is to gather as much solid information as you can and present it to the court. By hiring an Arizona alimony investigator, you can build up solid evidence overtime to give yourself the best chance of a successful resolution. You need to understand that an investigation of this nature takes time because investigators need to show a pattern through surveillance of the subjects involved. One day of surveillance won’t stand up in court, but don’t despair. Our investigative team is well versed in cases of this nature and knows the most efficient way to gain convincing evidence to help your case.

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