Child Support Investigations

Child Support Investigations

Child support dues in the U.S. average nearly $38 billion each year. However, nearly 38 percent of that amount ($14.29 billion) is not paid on time. Statistics further show that a substantial number of custodial parents do not receive the full amount of child support money owed to them. If you are on that list of parents, investing in child support investigations is an effective way to get the justice you deserve.

The Limitations of a Concerned Parent

As a custodial parent, your top priority is caring for the needs and best interests of your child or children. Therefore, you more than likely do not have the time, patience or resources necessary to track down the negligent parent and pursue a case against them. Fortunately, investing in a private investigator that specializes in child support investigations in Miami lifts that burden off of your shoulders. While you work and support your family day after day, a private investigator will work hard behind the scenes to pursue this case on your behalf.

Working for the Law, Not Against It

There are strict laws and regulations regarding child support arrangements, especially those that have been enforced and executed by a courtroom official. However, there are also laws against defamation of character, harassment and restraining orders. Therefore, on your journey to justice for yourself and your children, it is imperative for you not to take the law into your own hands. A private investigator trained in handling child support investigations knows what can and cannot be done within the confines of the law. Hiring this type of expert to work for you and your children allows you to get results without risking your own reputation or freedom.

Using Offline and Online Resources Wisely

Thanks to the digital age and the popularity of social media, there is more than enough online resources that a private investigator can use when conducting child support investigations. From examining posts and tweets to reviewing the content shared between both parents involved, a trained private investigator can extract evidence and valuable insight from a person’s online presence to fortify a legal case against them.

Communication is Key in Any Investigation

When selecting a private investigator that handles child support investigations in Miami, you need to hire the one that is going to communicate with you. A common misconception of private investigators is that you will not hear from them until the case is over and it is time to collect the final payment. However, an experienced private investigator knows the value of communicating with you through each stage of the process. He or she will keep you informed, updated and engaged every step of the way – answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

Contact Bond Investigations Today

Child support investigations are tedious and time-consuming, especially if you try to bear the burden of this weighty task on your own. Fortunately, with Bond Investigations serving your area, you have a team of trained and experienced private investigators ready to dive in and get to work. Call Bond Investigations today so we can get the information we need from you to start your child support investigation as soon as possible.