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Welcome to Bond Investigations, Arizona. We are a locally owned private investigations company with over twenty years of investigative experience. Our dedicated team of private investigators in Arizona has performed countless investigations into fraud, infidelity and bogus lawsuits, conducting thorough background checks and surveillance operations for our clients. Whether you are trying to locate an elusive partner who owes you money for child maintenance, or track down a witness for a pending trial in court, an Arizona private detective is your best bet for a successful resolution.

Premier Investigative Services in Arizona

Our Arizona private detectives have ensured us a solid reputation, based on their diligent investigative methods and professional knowledge. We use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct exhaustive background checks, and uncover information that is often hidden from the public eye, and sometimes missed or overlooked by other state or federal agencies. At Bond Investigations, we are dedicated to uncovering the truth for our clients, and leave no stone unturned in order to get results. We offer services in:

• Surveillance
• Infidelity investigations
• Child custody investigations
• Criminal defense investigations
• Background checks
• Elder abuse investigations
• Business investigations
• Elder abuse investigations
• Alimony investigations
• Skip tracing
• Locate investigations

Do you need some guidance? Don’t worry. Our trusted private investigators in Arizona are ready to advise you on the best course of action for your specific case.

25 Years of Excellent Service

Our Arizona private detectives have spent years working with a wide range of clients, from individuals requiring evidence against an unfaithful spouse, to small and medium-sized businesses in need of careful background checks on prospective employees. At Bond Investigations, we are known for delivering fast and efficient results, and providing the utmost commitment to our clients. Our private investigators are experts at gathering solid evidence for trials in a legal and ethical manner that ensures the reputation of our clients always remains intact.

Why Hire a Private Investigator in Arizona?

Our private investigators in Arizona document all evidence gathered through surveillance, background checks, and criminal investigations in a clear and concise manner. They will keep you in the loop with regard to any relevant information you need to know pertaining to your case. We will supply you with any photographic evidence, and audio or video footage collected from surveillance, and provide reliable evidence for use in court if required.

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Our team of investigative experts is waiting to take your call on (602) 559 9620. Alternatively, drop us a line via our Contact Us page, or head in to see us at our Arizona office to arrange a free initial consultation.

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Success Stories

George’s Story

George had been a union welder all of his life, at 59 years of age he was looking forward to the day he could retire. George recently moved to Phoenix Arizona from Baltimore for another well paying welding job. Read more..

Dr. Steven’s Story

Recently, Bond Investigations was engaged by a family to investigate a sexual assault that they believed was a case of wrongful imprisonment. Read more..

Veronica’s Story

A concerned wife solicited the services of the trained professionals at Bond Investigations. She told us that she was beginning to suspect her husband was cheating on her.Read more..

Television Media

Dorian Bond on Nancy Grace 10-21-2014

Dorian Bond has investigated many high profile cases in his career. One of the most notable case was as Jodi Arias’s privately retained investigator. This was his appearance on Headline New’s Nancy Grace show. Click the “Show All” button below to see more television news shows that Mr. Bond has appeared on.